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Noir Palace vision and mission:

Noir Palace is a virtual reality membership Club belonging to the social virtual communities available in the Utherverse community. It is focused on providing elegant, quality integrated services to its Members by its virtual resources.


Its integrated services focus on adult fun and social virtual experiences which include entertainment, education, societal awareness, jobs find, cultural promotion, tourism advice, people networking. It strives to provide its services with the most professional approach taking into account an holistic perspective on its people and members.

Noir Palace along to its other properties form the Noir Group which respect people and their preferences and provide with responsibility and discreetness its mission. Core Values are kept for our smooth and dedicated operations. Our values are: Teamwork, Trust, Ethical, Discrete, Fair, Polite, Respectful, Dedicated, Integrity, Diplomatic. Noir GROUP is consisted of a diverse team of people with certain cultures and education around the globe. You may find here some of their basic skills along to personal - virtual information about languages speaking, virtual or real birthdays, level of hierarchy, favorite times to be online. There is an organisation chart to present hierarchy. 

Our services are provided by high skilled and trained personnel surveyed by the management team with the inspired advice derived by our advisory committee.  Noir GROUP consists of plenty virtual resources (clubs, islands, places, etc). We keep regular and tailored made parties every week, some of them are considered to be wide known across Utherverse community: The Gold Masquarade Party and The Auction Party.  News and initiatives are communicated through daily live chat in our Clubs, or by our website news section (here), or by our rich in traffic forums, or by our daily newsletter, the Open News.

Meet us in: vww://utherverse.vww/@148106/noirpalace2 (RLC) (Second Life- SL)

To be able to access the above destination you should have first downloaded a programme called client of the Utherverse community or Second Life. Click here for downloading client.

Beauty and Love Alliance City (BELLA 2.0):

Noir Palace has launched its Beauty and Love Alliance City. High quality RLC businesses are asked/selected to become Business Members of the City. 

The main aim is to provide in one place and under high quality standards of Noir Palace a change for all RLC businesses to be presented to end RLC user, as well as to provide opportunities for networking and mass advertisement. The City is not against anyone, instead serves the community by means provided by Noir Palace.

Click above menu tab @ BELLA-ROM / Beauty and Love Alliance  for extensive information.


Community Social Responsibility

BELLA City & Noir Palace keep a CSR policy (Community vs Corporate, Social, Responsibility). It is about how we react and regulate our work as to ensure that all of our activities positively affect virtual and real society as a whole. We guarantee that we work ethically, considering human sensitive rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business.

Member Satisfaction:

Noir GROUP is seeking its members' satisfaction for the services provided, performance, ideas for improvement, topics with interest to its audience. Performance management is a formal process in where we identify our strengths and fight over the areas of improvement. Your participation into our regular survey is needed. 

Noir GROUP estate:

Noir GROUP main Club is Noir Palace. Its launched in 2012 and is daily busy covering all 24 hours / day, all days per week. The club is assessed by everybody but it focuses on members needs and expectations. Usually it serves as meeting point, for chat, dance, some initial fun time, and lobby to connect to other GROUP places. Non authorised staff is denied into its stage. Noir GROUP follows specific rules designed for smooth operations and assured by Quality standards.

For ease we have developed a board where a Member can easily teleported to the desired Noir GROUP estate either online or direct from this webpage. Last, we have made a virtual tour where our guest or member can visit by pictures some of our places to realise the best in class decoration.


Noir GROUP provides its staff and members a corner to have interaction through Forums. Bellow can be assessed last forums udpates. We keep four categories where content is organised. 

  • Announcements (by Noir GROUP)

  • General (all can upload anything)

  • Parties

  • Noir ladies 

  • Beauty and Love Alliance City

  • Travel around the worlds tips and experiences

Join Noir Palace as a member to enjoy social and adult fun in long run. 

Join BELLA City as a business member to get your business growing.


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