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Noir Coins

1 ray = 0.80 noircoins

What is it for Members?

Noircoins (NC) are an internal Noir Palace currency. Members can get NC by the following ways:

  • Update each month in time (before expiration). Noircoins are added each time a member updates before the expiry date.

  • Buy them by the Bank of Noir (ratio 1 ray = 0.80 NC)

  • Exchange them with Noir ladies who also get them


They can be used in any of the following purposes:


a) Reduce membership dues, i.e. 100 noircoins can be used as 80 rays in your membership dues.  


b) Using them to get access in special events in Noir Palace instead of rays:


     b1) 100 NC for our Masquarade - Gold Party organised once per month


     b2) Make a new member of your choice (considering that he/she is not banned), 350 Noircoins

     b3) Buy a VIP (350 Noircoins)


c) Provision of a session in advanced free other platforms (3dxchat, Second Life) , 100 NC per session.

d) Gift for fundraising purposes (i.e. Christmas Gift to anyone)


You cannot see your remaining NoirCoins directly, however you may ask any Noir lady to let you know.  Pay attention that you retain and increase your NoirCoins if and only if you update in time (before expiration) your membership.


What is it for ladies?


Noir ladies can get NC by the following ways:

  • 30 NC each month if > 95% presense

  • 15  NC each month if > 70% presense

 They can be used in any of the following purposes:    


  • VIP, 350 NC

  • Raffle ticket week, 25 NC


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